From Policies on Waste Management to Monitoring Indicators for IWM- New Publications by China IWM NAMA

November 13, 2019

China IWM NAMA is proud to present a number of new publications in the realm of integrated waste management prepared by the project team and covering a broad range of issues from policies on waste management to monitoring indicators for Integrated Waste Management (IWM).

Thus, the brochure “Germany’s waste management policy development” provides an overview of the political framework that currently shapes waste management practices in Germany. The publication titled “Wasteaware Benchmark Indicators for Integrated Sustainable Waste Management in Chinese Cities” is offering an indicator system adapted to monitor waste management in Chinese municipalities with consideration of both infrastructural and governance dimensions of Integrated Waste Management (IWM). Both publications are available in English and Chinese.

In addition to that, China IWM NAMA is glad to announce the publication of a study on digestate quality control which is expected to help enhance the existing political framework regulating the treatment of kitchen waste and the application of its products. The study has been conducted by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and can be accessed here (Chinese only).