Selection of the Demonstration Municipalities for China IWM NAMA Project Successfully Accomplished

July 11, 2018

On July 11th, 2018, together with its Chinese partner the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD), IWM NAMA Project organized a technical review meeting to evaluate applications submitted by Chinese cities during the previous two months and to select project demonstration municipalities – the ones where IWM would be implemented.

Representatives from seven cities (Yangzhou and Suzhou – Jiangsu Province, Bengbu – Anhui Province, Taian and Zaozhuang – Shandong Province, Xi’An – Shanxi Province, and Lanzhou – Gansu Province) presented their current waste management approaches as well as shared their expectations from the IWM NAMA project. All municipalities demonstrated very different features in terms of size, socioeconomic situation, current status of waste management and vision for its further development, offering a very complex as well as varied picture to the IWM NAMA project.

After a successful presentation and a Q&A session with each of the candidate cities, application materials were reviewed and evaluated by an expert team consisting of the well-known professionals and researchers in the Chinese waste management sector (China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation (CAUES), research and academic institutions) together with specialists from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD). Experts looked not only into the quality of application materials, quantitative socio-economic indicators and the situation in waste management in each municipality, but also considered cities’ potential to reduce GHG emissions in the waste sector, level of ambition regarding the planned transformations and motivation to implement the change.

Given the generally high quality of the presentations and diversity of conditions demonstrated by the candidates, five cities namely Suzhou, Taian, Xi’an, Lanzhou and Bengbu have been recommended to become demonstration municipalities for China IWM NAMA project. Two other cities – Yangzhou and Zaozhuang – will be considered for up-scaling of the IWM approach.