Sustainable Development Awareness Raising Course started in the Primary School in Tongzhou

October 29, 2018

On October 29th, 2018, the IWM NAMA Sustainable Development Awareness Raising Course was officially launched in Beijing Tongzhou First Experimental Primary School. The main topics of the first class were Sustainable development and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as waste sorting and 3Rs principle.

Background: To contribute effectively to China’s climate change mitigation efforts, one of the core tasks of the IWM NAMA project is to raise the public awareness on the topics of waste prevention, waste sorting, circular economy and climate protection. With the positive respond and support of the Tongzhou First Experimental Primary School in Beijing, the IWM NAMA project initiated a series of activities for the 5th grade students to expand their knowledge about sustainable development and related issues, including waste management. Through the course, the next generation is expected to get to develop some practical skills, including the habit of waste sorting and prevention. Meanwhile, the pupils will learn to approach environmental and climate issues pro-actively, which will benefit them throughout their whole life. Children, as family members, will also play a vital role in transmitting the acquired knowledge on waste sorting, recycling and prevention to their families, and this way moving one step further towards a more sustainable future.

The awareness raising course has been scheduled from October to the end of December 2018 for in total 9 courses focusing on various topics such as UN Sustainable Development Goals, marine littering, food waste, responsible consumption and production, sustainable transportation etc.

Click here to check out all the videos of each Sustainable Development Awareness Raising courses.