November 25, 2022

Yingfeng Environmental Technology Group Co., LTD., listed on the Main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code 000967), main business covers sanitation equipment, sanitation service, environmental equipment, environmental monitoring, sanitation robot, waste incineration power generation, fan equipment, etc. It is one of China’s Top 50 environmental Enterprises (ranked fifth), 2021 China’s Top 500 Machinery Companies, and 2021 China’s Top Ten Influential Enterprises in environmental sanitation. It has 206 subsidiaries, 3 major industrial bases (Shunde, Changsha and Shaoxing), more than 15 R&D and innovation platforms, more than 140 operation centers and 315 service outlets.

Since 2018, Yingfeng Environment has focused on the field of sanitation equipment and services. Centering on the development strategy of “smart sanitation”, it has formed three business areas of “intelligent equipment, intelligent service and intelligent cloud platform”, vigorously developed intelligent and unmanned sanitation business, and produced a series of industry-leading products such as new energy sanitation equipment and 5G unmanned sanitation robots.

Representative Items:

Shenzhen Bao ‘an District Xin ‘an, Fuyong and Fuhai street sanitation integration project

Scope of Services:

It covers Xin ‘an, Fuyong and Fuhai streets in Bao ‘an District. The service content mainly includes nine aspects: comprehensive road cleaning and cleaning, garbage collection and transportation, garbage transfer station operation and maintenance management, public areas and urban villages garbage sorting front-end facility maintenance, public toilet operation and maintenance management, sanitation parking lot construction operation and maintenance management, green management, intelligent management system and platform construction operation and maintenance, and emergency support.

Main features of the project:

  • Mechanized operation rate: urban main and secondary roads reach 100%, back streets and alleys increase to more than 90%, and operation efficiency increases by more than 60%.
  • Thorough integration reform, increased mechanization rate, reduced number of sanitation workers, comprehensive welfare benefits of employees increased by 20%.
  • Small equipment, intelligent Internet of things, innovative environmental sanitation operation technology, demonstrating China’s special socialist advance demonstration.
  • The application of a full set of new energy sanitation equipment, management information technology and artificial intelligence technology helps Shenzhen build an internationally leading level of public service.


Nan ‘an urban and rural household waste sanitation integration project

Scope of Services:

It mainly includes road and water cleaning in the downtown area of Nan ‘an, Nanyi New Town, towns and villages under its jurisdiction, sanitation and public toilet cleaning in the central area, Nanyi New Town and towns, upgrading of existing refuse transfer station, management, maintenance and maintenance of refuse transfer station equipment and facilities, transport vehicles, and household garbage removal. Marine floating garbage collection and transportation in Shuitou Sea area and Shijing Sea area and manhole cover inspection within the agreed scope, serving a population of about 1.63 million.

Main features of the project:

  • Establish a household garbage collection and transportation system covering the downtown area of Nan ‘an, Nanyi New Town, towns and villages under its jurisdiction
  • Implement comprehensive integration of regional comprehensive sanitation work and establish a new model of comprehensive sanitation
  • Introduce the concept of smart city and build an advanced smart sanitation cloud operation system

Photo credit: INFORE ENVIRO