The “IWM NAMA Business Model Tool for Integrated Management of Urban Domestic Waste” is supported by the “National Appropriate Mitigation Action Project in the Field of Urban Domestic Waste in China (IWM NAMA)”. This tool mainly aims at waste management in China, and currently served  in Chinese version. The purpose of this tool is to help stakeholders interested in the waste management industry quickly understand the industry, understand the investment, cost and benefit estimation of the whole process of waste generation, classified collection, transfer to the terminal treatment facilities for disposal, and possible contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by inputting basic information. It will help stakeholders to carry out more effective waste management planning through this business model tool, and to promote the realization of waste reduction, reuse and recycling objectives, and support the construction of a more sustainable waste low-carbon development and comprehensive management system.


IWM NAMA Project Urban Domestic Waste Integrated Management Business Model Tool – Editable Parameter Version