Waste Sector in China: Everbright Environment

August 17, 2022

Company introduction: Asia’s leading environmental protection enterprise, the world’s famous waste power investment operator, well-known environmental group. The main business includes waste power generation and collaborative treatment, comprehensive utilization of biomass, hazardous and solid waste disposal, environmental remediation, comprehensive treatment of water environment, equipment manufacturing, waste segregation, environmental sanitation integration, resource recycling, waste free city construction, energy-saving lighting, analysis and detection, green technology research and development, ecological environment planning and design, environmental protection industrial park, etc. 

Official website link:https://www.cebenvironment.com/


Demonstration project:

1Maanshan kitchen waste disposal project:(Photo source: Everbright environment) 

The unit price of kitchen waste treatment subsidy is 280 CNY/ton. The BOT mode is adopted for operation and the service period is 26 years. The service scope of the project includes Dangtu County, Haushahn District, Yushan District, Bowang District, municipal economic development zone and Cihu high tech Zone. 

The main treatment process of kitchen waste is “crushing + extrusion dehydration”, and the overall technical scheme is “solid-liquid separation + deodorization system (dining kitchen coordination) + solid-phase combustion treatment (incineration coordination)”. 

information sources: http://www.cn-hw.net/article/detail/759823859191906305


2Ningxiang waste incineration power generation PPP project: 

The unit price is 43.88 CNY/ton, the treatment scale is 1000 tons / day, and the operation period is 28 years. 

Two subprojects: Ningxiang MSW incineration power generation project; The supporting fly ash landfill project of Ningxiang municipal solid waste incineration power generation project. 

Mechanical grate furnace process is adopted, and 2 × 500t / d mechanical grate incinerator and medium temperature sub high pressure waste heat boiler + 1 × 25MW condensing steam turbine generator unit; The flue gas purification system adopts the combined process of “SNCR denitration + semi-dry reaction tower deacidification + activated carbon adsorption + bag filter dust removal, and SCR reserved”; The treatment process of “pretreatment + UASB anaerobic reactor + MBR biochemical treatment system + NF nanofiltration membrane system + RO reverse osmosis system” is adopted for the treatment of landfill leachate; Fly ash is treated by “chemical agent stabilization / cement solidification”. 

information sources:http://www.cn-hw.net/article/detail/738047388127592449

Cover source: Sanitation Science and technology network