WASTE SECTOR IN CHINA: Kangheng Environment

January 9, 2023

The world’s leading comprehensive service provider of the whole industrial chain environment. The company’s business focuses on the investment, construction, operation and technical transformation of waste power generation projects, covering the investment, construction and operation of venous industrial parks, the supply of complete sets of incineration equipment and key technologies, the disposal of sludge and construction waste, soil remediation, new energy solutions and other business areas.


Demonstration project:

1. Fengqiu Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation Project:

The construction scale is 600 tons/day of domestic waste treatment capacity, the operation mode is BOT, the franchise period is 30 years (the construction period is 2 years), and the return mechanism is “feasibility gap subsidy”
Mechanical grate incinerator incineration line is adopted, and a set of 15MW steam turbine generator unit is configured. When the high temperature flue gas in the furnace reaches 850 ℃, it will stay for more than 2s, and the slag ignition loss rate is ≤ 3%. The flue gas purification system adopts the combined flue gas purification process of “SNCR+semi dry method (calcium hydroxide solution)+dry method (hydrated lime)+activated carbon adsorption+bag type dust removal”.



2. Shunping Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation Project: (Photo source: Kangheng Environment)

1000 tons of domestic waste is disposed every day, the annual waste disposal capacity is about 365000 tons, the annual operation time is not less than 8000 hours, and the annual power generation is expected to be 135.7 × 106kWh。
At present, the most advanced ultra-low emission flue gas purification treatment scheme in the world – “SNCR+semi dry process (Ca (OH) 2 solution)+dry process (NaHCO3 dry powder)+activated carbon adsorption+bag type dust removal+SCR+wet process” is adopted for flue gas purification.


Cover source: Kangheng Environment