WASTE SECTOR IN CHINA: LianYun Environment

February 17, 2023

Zhejiang Lianyun Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LianYun Environment) is a modern and professional listed enterprise dedicated to environmental industry project consultation, planning, construction, operation and maintenance, with the securities code of 839166. LianYun Environment currently operates more than 260 projects across the country, covering more than 3000 communities, villages and towns (townships), and more than 2 million users. The market share is leading in the industry. LianYun Environment has a complete professional talent system team, including more than 228 scientific and technological experts and experienced senior talents in environmental project operation, which can ensure the best effect of the project from the formulation of the plan to the implementation. As the initiator of Zhejiang Intelligent Industry Alliance, the company has the leading ability to research and explore the intelligent development of environmental industry, and therefore has become a certified partner with Huawei for the Internet of Things solution.
scope of business:
1. Environmental operation: garbage cleaning/transportation; Waste treatment; Wastewater and waste gas treatment; River cleaning and treatment
2. Municipal maintenance: road maintenance; Intelligent and road administration facilities; Water supply and drainage pipe network; landscape engineering
3. Emergency treatment: natural disasters (snow removal); Traffic emergency treatment; fire control; Medical treatment
Representative project:
1. Yuhang Street Smart Waste Classification Project

The Yuhang District Street Project in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province has been operated in batches since 2016. The project is located in Yuhang District, covering 11 residential areas: Yuanxiang Mingzhu, Xinghui Homeland, Futian Garden, Tongcheng Impression, Xinqiao Apartment, Jindi Haipo, Hangzhuang, Lincheng Huayuan, Hefeng Huayuan, Bojun Pavilion, Huayu Homeland, covering 6600 households. The operation and management of the whole project are connected to the smart waste classification cloud platform independently developed by Intermodal Zhihui, realizing the integrated solution of smart waste classification combining hardware and software.
Taking Jindi Haipo as an example, the awareness rate of garbage classification of residents before the settlement of LianYun Environment was only 10%. There was a widespread situation in the community: kitchen waste collection facilities were not standardized, and large pieces of garbage were not recycled, and the recyclable daily collection volume was only 20kg. LianYun Environment began its normal operation on December 6, 2016. At present, the participation rate of residents reached more than 90%, and the resident card handling rate reached 100%. At present, about 90kg of recyclable materials can be collected every day, The kitchen waste is about 400 kg, which can reduce the amount of domestic waste by about 45.8%. The project adheres to the principles of scientific garbage classification, integrated operation and data management, and can achieve a reduction of 40% in human input, a utilization rate of garbage resources of 30%, and an overall garbage reduction of more than 50%.
In general, since the implementation of smart waste classification in Yuhang District streets, the residents’ awareness rate of garbage classification is 100%, the residents’ card printing rate is 100%, the classification accuracy rate is up to 95%, the residents’ satisfaction rate is 98%, the complaint rate is 0, and the garbage disposal rate is 0; The disposable rate of recyclable articles is less than 3%, and the annual garbage reduction is about 50%.
2. Projects of the Asian Youth Association

In August 2013, the Asian Youth Games was grandly held in Nanjing. LianYun Environment undertook the road cleaning and garbage removal services in the athletes’ village, and dispatched more than 60 employees, including a three-ton compression vehicle, a multi-functional cleaning vehicle, a high-pressure cleaning vehicle, and two small garbage dump trucks, to be fully responsible for the road cleaning and garbage removal projects in the entire Yaqing Village, and to carry out rapid and effective treatment of all generated garbage Scientific and reasonable disposal.

Image and information source: LianYun Environmenthttp://zjlianyun.com/index.aspx?id=1