WASTE SECTOR IN CHINA: Sanfeng Environment

February 10, 2023

Chongqing Sanfeng Environmental Group Co., Ltd. (601827. SH) is specialized in the whole industrial chain services of waste incineration power generation project investment, EPC, equipment manufacturing and operation management. Its main shareholders include Chongqing Water Environment Group (Derun Environment), CITIC Environmental Investment Group, China Cinda Assets, etc. It is the “double hundred enterprises” of the state-owned enterprise reform of the State Council, the top 500 global new energy enterprises, and the top 50 Chinese environmental enterprises Top 10 influential enterprises in China’s solid waste industry.
As of June 2022, Sanfeng Environment has invested in 52 waste incineration power generation projects, with a daily treatment capacity of 56850 tons of domestic waste, ranking the forefront of the industry; The technology and equipment have been applied to 234 waste incineration power generation projects and 384 incineration lines in China and 8 countries including the United States, India, Ethiopia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Brazil, with daily treatment of more than 200000 tons of domestic waste, and the market share continues to lead.

Core business and representative projects:
1. Waste incineration power generation
Sanfeng Environment introduced the full set of technology of Martin SITY2000 in Germany in 2000, including incinerator-boiler, flue gas purification system and corresponding control system. After more than 20 years of digestion, absorption and re-innovation, a complete set of equipment has been localized and can effectively treat the domestic garbage of urban residents with low calorific value and high moisture content in developing countries.
technological process:

Sanfeng Environment has the world’s largest garbage incinerator assembly base (with an annual output of 60 units), which can produce INC300, INC600 and INC750 incinerator products, with a single processing capacity ranging from 100 to 1050 tons/day.
EPC demonstration project construction site:
Erfeng Environment has achieved many EP or EPC projects worldwide. The following figure shows the construction site of Chongqing Yulin Project (3000 tons/day)

2. Leachate treatment:
Chongqing Sanfeng Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sanfeng Environmental Group, is specialized in providing customers with EPC general contracting services and complete equipment supply for high-concentration organic wastewater (waste incineration plant/landfill leachate) treatment projects. By September 2022, Sanfeng Technology has achieved 114 percolation treatment projects. Among them, two sets of 760 m3/d container-type STRO membrane systems exported to Hamburg, Germany in September 2017 have been put into use, marking that the “Sanfeng” percolation membrane treatment equipment has been recognized by the EU countries.
General assembly base of leachate membrane treatment system:

In 2016, Sanfeng Technology completed the final assembly base of the percolate treatment system, covering an area of 5400 m2, capable of producing and assembling various membrane products including UF, TUF, NF, STRO, DTRO, SWRO, and container-type percolate emergency treatment system.
3. Garbage collection and transfer:
Based on the investment projects of waste incineration and power generation all over the country, Sanfeng Environment has extended the industrial front to the front-end domestic waste collection and transfer market. In 2018, Chongqing Zhonglianfeng Environmental Sanitation Co., Ltd., jointly established with Zhonglian Hongfeng and Zhongke Shenghong, has signed the Guizhou Weng’an (210 tons/day) domestic waste collection and transfer, Zhejiang Pujiang Food Bureau garbage collection and transfer and Chongqing Dayankou District domestic waste classification demonstration project. In addition, Sanfeng Environment has also directly invested in three urban domestic waste secondary compression and transfer projects, namely Qianjiang (300 tons/), Shanwei (800 tons/) and Luhe (400 tons/).

Source of data and pictures: Sanfeng Environmenthttp://www.cseg.cn/